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  dear teacher, dear students:

  hello everybody!

  my topic today is "making the self-confidence."

  thomas edison once said: "confidence is the first secret of success." yes, in life, we can not do without self-confidence everywhere. a person without faith, is bound to be abandoned by the society of a person, a person has been abandoned by successful, one was abandoned by the people themselves! therefore, we can say without hesitation: self-confidence is a person's soul!

  self-confidence does not equal arrogance. it is a determination, has the power over life and death. never blindly self-confidence, it is hard honing the ability of the condensed. ability is like the crown, it is only mounted on a self-confident fengyun sparkling diamonds, will become eye-catching and gorgeous. similarly, there is no ability to foil, and let confidence no matter how brilliant, but also like the loss of green flowers, value greatly reduced.

  i believe we all heard of "with confidence" the idiom story! good at the northern song painter painting paper with bamboo, when pen to paper without thinking each time they claimed a life-like bamboo map. how did he do it? it turned out that his daily observation of the bamboo hut, seasons, his unshakeable. over time, the length of bamboo thickness, leaf shape color, he is familiar with the heart, naturally, put the bamboo painted superb.

  this is the power of self-confidence!

  how, if there is no confidence to support him, to encourage him, even though the text was the same with earth-shattering, then do not believe in their own strength and what is the use? he would be buried in the chinese long history of five thousand years in the dust.

  self-confidence can pass through time and space, it come and go like the wind, but in everyone around to stay. but if you can not catch it, it will as the yellow river water gone.

  in life, we need to seize confidence. hold self-confidence, we can turn in the highest satisfaction of life; in growth, we need to seize confidence. hold self-confidence is the most perfect pass into the society; in the struggle, we need to seize confidence. hold self-confidence, success is not far away in front of you!

  第二篇:初中英语三分钟演讲稿 环保

  classifying rubbish , improving environment good morning, respectable judges, teachers. today, standing here makes me feel really honored and excited. the title of my speech is classifying rubbish , improving environment.

  personally, rubbish has been a big headache in beijing. as the year XX is coming ,every citizen has realized green beijing and green olympics will bring the far-reaching impact on beijing and even all china . the scense of rubbish nearly everywhere has given all of us a really bad impression, and i'm sure none of us wish to show off the bad side of beijing to athletes and journalists all over the world, for it would blemish the city's and even china's image and leave a bad reputation. so we really have to work hard on green olympics.

  now, we are middle school students. we must improve the sense of protecting the environment and make a contribution to green olympics .

  in our life, a lot of rubbish , such as waste paper, plastic bottles ,batteries and so on , is produced every day . after we learnt the passage make our environment more beautiful , we found a lot of rubbish thrown into dustbins could be recycled in fact during our discussion. so we thought it would be better if we could classify rubbish . we told our idea to our teacher and he supported us very much . we became volunteers to classify rubbish . firstly we got three big boxes and put them in a corner of our classroom . one is for waste paper , one for plastics and coke cans and the other is for batteries . with teacher's help ,soon all the students took part in the activity of classifying rubbish .in a month , we collected three boxes of paper , a box of batteries and a box of plastics and coke cans .we sold them for 28 yuan and bought some young trees with the money . we planted the trees around our school . we were all spoken highly of by our school principals. now we keep on the job and are all proud of improving environment .

  the world trusts beijing .beijing still has a lot to do to reach the level the world expects, but we have the confidence to make beijing a green city. great changes are taking place, and not far in the future, beijing will be the focus of all worlds' attention. we'll grasp the opportunity and do our best to make the sky bluer, water greener and air fresher by the year XX.

  let's all wish the best for the XX olympics in beijing. thanks for your listening.




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